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I’m an entrepreneur, mom, wife, sister, daughter of God, self-care enthusiast, lifestyle blogger and so much more. Welcome to The Gibson Life! 

To know me is to love me and hopefully through this blog you’ll get to.

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-Nikita Gibson

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I hope this mood is what your Sunday gave…

These moments are so conducive to my Mental clarity.

Today I did a much needed Detox, it was so needed. (The recipe came from my book for those wondering.)

Using my favorite Turmeric Mask @joiresskin
Chlorophyll drops
Bentonite clay
Apple cider vinegar

Underarm detoxing:
Did you know that your diet can impact how much you sweat? Some foods can cause your body to produce more sweat than others.

Here’s some foods that make you sweat and perspire:
processed foods
liquor and beer
garlic and onions
foods that have a high fat content
hot, spicy dishes

For those that don’t know I stopped wearing deordarant years ago (7/8 years) every now and then I have to detox (at least 2/3 times a year…I can start to smell the crap I may eat/drink occasionally in my perspiration.🤢)

Anyway back to normal now, LOL take my advice do underarm detoxifications. Fall/Winter time is the best time to do it.

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Hey Crystal baby! @crystal.herry

I’m so proud of us. You know how I’ve always felt about friendship and business and it’s just one thing I never wanted to do! I value all my friends, y’all know the vibes, the people you see around me have been around for years! I’m honest AF, many can’t handle that. However, I’m always loyal AF, supportive, caring, loving and I’ll always be there! Through thick and thin, my friendships are very marriage-like to me. It takes a while to get in because I don’t trust ppl or their words, I believe their actions!

You, my love have been in a partnership with me for years now. I knew this collaboration would work because of our character. It’s who we are to each other and others. Fun fact that you guys may not know. We became friends from her being a client, We’ve lived together, She was once my braiding assistant, from flights to fights, whew it’s always gonna be character for meeeee!!! No blurred lines, straight shooters, disagreements and accountability!

I love you girl! Its been over ten years, and we’ll be old and grey together for sure!

Intimate Friendship to our first collaboration. You were there when I started, and I for you, now we get to blossom together.

Cheers to us my Love!

Tomorrow we launch our first product together, MAKEUP REMOVER- (PRE CLEANSING OIL), and this my friend is only the beginning! 🥂

@joiresskin X @ceecosmetics

Available online tomorrow afternoon at 12pm.

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Y’all, My baby is 3😢. Time is flying by!

Of course we didn’t get any good pictures too busy having fun 🥰

Krossy the Little Mermaid said thank you Aunties for all the beautiful birthday wishes! She had a timeeee last night.🥰🧜‍♀️#birthdaygirl #virgoseason♍️

I’m not crying you are😢. God cover our babies from all evil eyes! Especially the ones that come with a smile. 🙏🏽

#covered #protected #favored

#AD It’s that time again, #backtoschool! Here’s some tips as you go back to school shopping.

1. Don’t take your kids (just kidding, LOL).
2. Go with a game plan, think of staples you want in advance, ie; undergarments, thermals, all of the essentials.
3. Have a budget and stick to it.

Make sure you stop by your nearest @primark.usa for all your Back-to-school needs. Happy Shopping!
#PrimarkUSA #IWorkWithPrimark #BacktoSchool
@primark.usa and

Happy Shopping!

Beyoncés fan page reposted me, my entire birthday has been made 😂😂❤️❤️❤️

Yesterday’s Casual Monday fit, running back to school errands with my babies! I heard this voiceover and had to use it. Mama, I feel you!🥰

Top @skims
Pants @hanifaofficial
Flats @hermes

#momoftwo #nycvlogger # nyinfluencer #suffolkinfluencer #nycinfluencer #highlowfashion

Laying in bed with my husband telling him about the trip. Usually when I go to Miami I go to all my favorite places, this time we went to a few new places! I was raving about the food to him and I just had to publicly say thank you @themoon_miami for starting my celebration off right! The decor, entertainment and food was OUTSTANDING! Save this and make sure you go there next time you go to Miami!🔥

#miamidinner #girlstrip #datenight #greatfood

When’s the last time you celebrated life before your birthdate?!

This may be my new tradition. I had such an amazing time with my loves. Literally the best laughs, ugh it’s just beautiful, I can’t thank God enough.

All the info you need for the best time in MIA.

We did a hotel one day then Airbnb the rest which I actually loved! Got the best of both worlds.

Sunset in Miami +22 guest+ heated pool is the name. (host : Nana Diaz)





#girlstrip #birthdaygetaway #friendship #girlfriends #miami

All I really want to be is happy. Being rich in friendship is such a blessing! 🥰 I love my crew, everyone isn’t here but y’all know the vibes😘😘😘😘Thanks so much for all the love! Virgo season approaching 💎😘 #virgo

Shop Dress : (link in my story)

That girl 💎

#thique #jelly #butter #cozy #happiness

Pilates @greenroomny with my baby💪🏾 @crystal.herry !

Pilates is hard AF, go there with the intention to put in work! But you got this. Self Care, Queen!😘
33 is giving less stress, and more wellness consistently, I love that for me! ☺️

#wellness #fitness #thirtiesclub #mommygang #pilateslovers

When your friends plan a surprise birthday trip for you and you only got four days to lose weight. 😂you can shop all my fitness essentials on my Amazon list. (link in bio) #reallife #fitness ...

Facials and Furniture! Perfect combo lol.

No but seriously, we went furniture shopping because finding furniture online just wasn’t working, I wanted to sit on our potential couch to make sure it’s cozy.

God has really been covering us with this entire process. So grateful for every thing that we thought was a delay and set back, God is really my guy man 🙏🏽 whew!

Anywho, tag your favorite spot! We are in no rush this season as 2nd time home buyers! So far it’s looking like @ashleyofficial for us. It was the customer service at first but then the comfort of the furniture WON lol💃🏽.
#furnitureshopping #newhomebuild #familyfirst #blackfamiliesmatter #nyblogger

MIAAAA… that’s the caption! @miaray @glamaholiclifestyle !!
Thank you for thinking of me, been apart of the gang for some years now and I’m #ghive foreva. I truly appreciate this Mia🥰❤️ #glamaholiclifestyle

Been working out every day! Currently doing my regimen and I wanted to share that being as stress free as possible is my priority right now and I realized doing my Skin Care routine is just as good as meditating. @joiresskin always🌱.

I love my Green Tea Cleanser from @joiresskin and if you haven’t tried it yet, you should. It’s naturally calming and soothing, it goes well with sensitive and reactive skin types. If you didn’t know, I chose Green Tea as our first cleanser because green tea neutralizes inflammation and acne in the skin as well as excess oil, for a balanced and more even complexion. So in all, it’s perfect for everyone🌱😘.

Happy Sabbath!

#skincareroutine #selfcare #meditation #greenteacleanser

Day Two.

So excited for this new chapter in my life.🌱 August is my birth month. Reseting my mind body and soul. #heal