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I’m an entrepreneur, mom, wife, sister, daughter of God, self-care enthusiast, lifestyle blogger and so much more.

Hey Beautiful Queen!

Welcome to my page. I’m beyond appreciative that you are here. My dreams are becoming a reality because of you. 

This page is all things Nikita Gibson where affordable luxury and self-care is normalcy! I’m Nikita, and as of recent, after being named Self Care Queen I finally decided to accept the title lol and now it has become something that I want all my loves to do! Self Care, Queen!   Doing so heals in internally and externally, I live and love it, and will share how I do it while balancing my many titles with you all. Living the life I was destined to live is my goal and I make it my duty every day to work hard toward my goals. Say it out loud, “ I only have one life to live.”

Born and raised in the concrete jungle of New York City, specifically, Brooklyn! My journey started quite early, I have been an entrepreneur since 16! well, maybe even before that. I remember doing my hair in the lunchroom at school, instead of going to class. LOL.  After graduating with a B.S. in Health and Social Services, I became a case worker. I was still a hairstylist while working. I spent most of my twenties working 14-hour days being a hairstylist and a caseworker until one day I just decided this was not working for me. I prayed about it and I quit my job before starting my career as a serial entrepreneur. Since then, I have expanded in many ways along with being a wife and mom, it’s been a roller coaster, but it’s been the best ride ever!

On social media, I’m considered to be the virtual sister, aunt, friend, and mentor some of you wish you always had. I share my experiences as a wife, mom, friend, and entrepreneur. The end goal is to make a difference every day by sharing my world. Still have a sense of privacy but also make others feel like this life is attainable if you want it. By continuing to share my wins, failures,  passion projects, and personal experiences, my goal is to inspire you and show you how to affordably and fashionably do the things that can bring you the joys of Self Care.

So excited about this journey. Again, I’m so grateful that you’re here!

Thanks for growing and following me on my platforms.

I’m back on Youtube so join the ride there as well🌱.

I’m beyond appreciative that you are here. My dreams are becoming reality because of you.


Your friend from Brooklyn

Nikita Gibson

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