I pray that God continues to use my family as a living example of his love and mercy. I hope to continue to show you guys what God is capable of once you put your faith and trust in him.

With that being said…

I have some really wonderful news to share…WE BOUGHT A NEW HOME! I’m so excited to be apart of the building process. My main concern was finding a home in NY and being able to design and curate it to our needs and wants.

Like many of you, I felt suffocated living in NYC, especially after last year. I love being a city girl and I never wanted to move out of state, however, I was ready to leave within the last few months. As always, my husband was supportive and he truly believed there was a way to create our dream home in NY. I’m so happy with how everything turned out and the decision we made.

We are so excited to take you guys on the journey of building #VillaGibson.

***For those who know, this was extremely hard to share, I like keeping shit to myself. However, what’s meant for me is for me. I know how inspired I am from many black women on this platform and I understand how inspiring this journey will be to others so cheers to this journey! 🥂