Breast Cancer Awareness: Prioritize Yourself!

As most of you may know, it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month; For those who don’t know, my mom, my aunts, and my grandmother all had Breast Cancer and my mom, unfortunately, passed away from it. As a result,  since I was a young girl, I understood how age didn’t matter when it came to cancer, so I prioritized my well-being and took care of myself, and tried my best not to allow stress to take over my body or my mind. Stress is one of the contributing factors to cancer and many other illnesses, along with many other factors so allowing my body to be in optimal health so that it can fight off disease and illness was a MUST. Self-care became my life because of how breast cancer severely affected it.


October is such a difficult month for me every year; my mom was born and passed away during this month, and weirdly enough, this month became the month of importance and celebration of all survivors. With that being said, self-care has become one of the things that I prioritize in my life because wellness is the closest thing to being as sane as you can be. If you have a healthy mind, healthy body, and healthy soul, the most you can do is make it your duty to try not to allow stress to take over your life. For me, it started from what goes on my body, to what I put in my body, and lastly, who is around me and who I converse with. It works as an entire system, it all coexists and flows hand-in-hand. These past few years, I’ve encountered the most hardship and stressors ever, and I know that to many, I am strong, the greatest friend, the pivoter, and the counselor, but behind the scenes, I have had moment and period of being the weakest, lowest, saddest, but I have just been maintaining and seeing it through because I know that what’s to come is going to be THE BEST I’ve ever experience ever!

Why Joire’s

One of the reasons I opened up Joires Spa was to remember my mother and to emphasize the importance of self-care; to create a space of wellness for women and men to prioritize self-care by taking the time to care for themselves. Simply by just coming in for the ambiance, a massage, a facial, or using the sauna.  A wellness experience where even upon entry, you’re greeted with a cup of organic tea with life-changing herbs that helps guide you along the experience. There are so many things that I wanted to highlight that bring importance to all of the things that are possible for you to help take care of yourself from as small to as large as possible through my business. Unfortunately, I had to close my spa earlier this year as a form of self-care (post pending, I give you some of the tea 😉 )

What You Can Do

While physical treatments aid in self-care, they’re not the only way you can care for yourself. Find time to remain still and enjoy the nothingness around you. Get back into your spiritual routine, devotion, prayer, and church, those core principles that you were founded on brought you to where you are today!. Read a book, Go for a Walk, Go swimming. By moving and reducing levels of unnecessary stress or causing distress, we reduce our chances of disease. For holistic remedies to aid your body in wellness, check out my book “SELF CARE – A GUIDE TO HOLISTIC HEALING: INTERNAL & EXTERNAL.”

Although my spa may be closed, I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight other black-owned and POC businesses that I can recommend for you to continue your self-care regimen!


Spiked Wellness Co f/k/a Spiked Spin- A body at rest stays at rest, and a body in motion stays in motion. Founded By Briana Thompson, Spiked wellness is a place where you get your blood pumping, and those calories dropping with their spin classes or find peace and clarity with the Yoga classes that they now offer.

The Green Room- I LOVE Pilates, and I love the Green Room! Founded by Jo Martinez, the Green Room focuses on the mind/body connection through small controlled movements that really allow you to focus your breathing and trusting your body to do things you didn’t even know were possible

Heal Haus– At HealHaus, they’ve combined diverse healing modalities and practitioners under one roof to provide people with an inclusive space focused on holistic health and wellness.

Stacked Yoga– “Stacked is an intimate studio that allows you to explore yoga on all levels. Whether it’s your first time on the mat or you are almost levitating. Here their focus is to create an experience on the mat that allows you to see and feel your possibilities.”


SKKN+– At SKKN+ they offer skin treatments, body treatments, hair removal, and facials, among other treatments.

Fleur De Lis Beauty– an Esthetics is a Medical Spa. Here they offer clients various beauty-enhancing treatments and techniques in the heart of Brooklyn in the Flatbush Area.

Body by Brooklyn– a mini-retreat. Looking to relax and get away for a couple of hours Body By Brooklyn offers a place to heal and unwind in a place of tranquility.

Long Island

Be Totally Well– A wellness center in Long Island started by Nurse Practitioner Candace Nicoleau, who also has breast cancer. Here they offer an array of services from annual check-ups, IV treatment, a sauna, a relaxation room, and so much more!

If you visit these establishments, tell them Nikita sent you <3. Happy Wellness!



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