Breast Cancer Awareness: Prioritize Yourself!

As most of you may know, it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month; For those who don’t know, my mom, my aunts, and my grandmother all had Breast Cancer and my mom, unfortunately, passed away from it. As a result,  since I was a young girl, I understood how age didn’t matter when it came to cancer, so […]

Prepping For Back-To-School

I know I’m not the only parent who’s nervous about back to school! Especially with all these damn viruses. Lord, give us strength! Although, It was extremely difficult to send our children to school when it was “normal” … I feel a bit more apprehensive this time around. Now we have to add a global […]

My Jesus Year: How I’m Planning on Navigating This Year

Today I turn 33.  THE JOURNEY This last year has truly been turmoil for me, it felt like I was in survival mode every day! Giving up doesn’t live inside me so I’ve always just been the “keep-on-going, girl.” I’ve been feeling like something was holding me back. And I realized it was me, procrastinating […]