My Jesus Year: How I’m Planning on Navigating This Year

Today I turn 33. 


This last year has truly been turmoil for me, it felt like I was in survival mode every day! Giving up doesn’t live inside me so I’ve always just been the “keep-on-going, girl.”

I’ve been feeling like something was holding me back. And I realized it was me, procrastinating on my dreams, being lazy, not overthinking, and not taking the risk to fully embark on the realm of what makes me or at least what I think makes me happy.


That all changed on June 26th.

I’ve been a serial entrepreneur for 8 years now, what a blessing to still be going 8 years later. This year, however, I decided to close my business Joire’s Spa, for so many reasons of course. The main reason was being mentally, physically, emotionally, and most of all financially drained from remaining open. I fought long and hard to stay open because my business was very successful until it wasn’t. Poor management, not holding myself accountable as a CEO, staff, and so many more reasons I had no choice but to close. 

I have not been this happy, motivated, and free, did I mention happy? In a very long time.

I’m still in debt, still stressed while going through this transition, but I’m so HAPPY!

God is so good, and not because of how I’m feeling now, even when I am in the pit he covers me and protects me. Prayers and repeating scriptures really truly do work! Pick up your Bible babe or start with a devotional!

In this era of my life, having a closer relationship with God is extremely important to me. Being in oneness with myself is a priority to me. Being the Nikita, he intended me to be is my purpose. I know there is much more for me to do on earth and in order for me to get there, I have to be in alignment.

Reminders for us all as we all enter a new journey :

  • Money is conditional 
  • Living is the richest thing life can offer 
  • Morals should always come first 
  • Prioritizing Rest is essential
  • Rest is richness, health is love

I know that this next year of life is going to be a special one. 33 has a spiritual significance. It’s known as our “Jesus Year”.

I’ve mastered the art of survival now it’s time to LIVE!

Nikita Gibson


I’m rediscovering Nikita!

 For the first time in my 33 years, I feel like the happiest version of Nikita. I’m in a beautiful marriage, with two beautiful children! Amazing family and friends. What more can we ask of life than this? I’m eternally grateful for all of these years, good and bad that God has gifted me with. The fact that I’ve come to this point, as a serial entrepreneur, Youtuber, and blogger, these are moments I envisioned as a young adult and now I’m loving it. 



Welcome to my life, here you hear my inner thoughts, enough to keep you here and still wanted more. I’m going to learn with you and teach you all that I’ve been blessed to learn and live to be the best you.

Sit back, Relax, and SELF Care, Queen!


Nikita Gibson 

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7 Responses

  1. Loveddd the blog!!! So relatable ! I’m 33 as well & I’m still working on becoming the best version of myself as well. Thank you for always keeping it ? and sharing with us ?

  2. Happy Birthday Queen this was so inspiring to read I read it like 3 times and I’ll go back to read it again you are such an inspiration in so many ways your willingness and motivation your ability to share as you learn just everything you give us is a blessing I’m so grateful to know you through social media following you has inspired me to change my life to take better care of me and become to woman I’m truly meant to be. I adore watching you your family and friends relationship that you have with each of them you the time to be present in all aspects. You are such a beautiful soul you radiate light. God Bless you Nikita much love and blessings in your new year and I’m so excited about your new Blog ?????

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